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Spice The Cat Part #1

“I have known Paul for a number of years, during which time he has helped me, and several of my friends, to recover our health. However, I had never used Paul to help an animal before. This is the story of Spice, an Orange Tabby cat, and this narrative is about two separate incidents involving him.
This is the first incident involving Spice:

I worked as an engineer for a large company that made electrical conduits. They had a large plant in Downey which ran two shifts and the large roll-up doors were always open. As a result of that, we had frequent visitors in the form of rodents who would hide among the pallets of equipment.

The owner liked animals and refused to hire a firm to plant traps and put out poisons and instead opted to get a cat to let nature take care of the problem. He charged me with getting the company a suitable cat.

I went to the animal shelter in Downey which was just a few blocks from the plant and started looking for a cat. They had two rooms, one with dogs and one with cats. The cages in both rooms were filled to capacity. I found a lovely little gray and white cat and told the lady that I would take that one.

She said that was fine, but that before I made a final decision she wanted me to see one more cat. With that she took me into a back room marked Employees Only, where I saw about ten or more tiny cages on the floor, each containing a cat. The lady explained to me that the next morning she was going to kill of of them because the shelter had no more space or food for them and so many more were coming all the time. I was in tears.

She said that she had kept one of them way too long but that he finally had to die, and at that she opened a cage and Spice exploded out of the cage! They had named him that, and it proved to be a fitting name.

He ran around the room, and was so full of life and so friendly that I could not let them kill him and immediately decided to take Spice to be the company cat.

Spice served in that capacity for a number of years and proved himself to be totally fearless and an avid hunter. He would walk around the plant, right through welders sparks and grinding fire without blinking an eye. He even jumped up onto and rode the forklift trucks! Everyone at the plant loved Spice!

Spice is the most loyal and friendly of cats. But when I first got him I as warned that Spice did not like dogs. Since that is a common situation regarding cats I did not give it much thought.

After having served the company for many years I finally retired. I told the boss that I was going to take Spice home with me and he agreed to let me have him since they were moving to another city and would no longer need him.

He was about 3 years old when I first brought him home to live with me. He was immediately comfortable with me, the house and the surroundings.

Being a very loving cat he elected to pass each day by lying along the sidewalk in front of he house and greeting all those who passed by. He started doing that back when he first moved in with me.

He has made so many friends in the neighborhood that I am astonished at just how popular he has become. People actually drive by, park their cars and walk over to pet Spice! It is truly amazing.

Because I often am out front working on the weeds and plants I have come to meet many people whom I otherwise would not have known. Everyone got to pet and play with Spice except those who had a dog on a leash.

His hatred for dogs then really came to light as his tail would immediately inflate and he would actually physically attack every dog that walked by regardless of how big it was. Some were dogs that I would not dare to confront, but he is a totally fearless cat and would charge every single dog to the total consternation of their owners.

I live in nice neighborhood and there are many lawyers who also live in the area and I was afraid that Spice might really hurt a dog and I might then be sued. That frightened me as I could not afford a lawsuit, so I decided to put an end to that offensive conduct.

I tried talking to him, grabbing him as he prepared to charge and even slapping his hind end but all to no avail. He was serious in his hatred.

In desperation I called upon Paul for help. I explained the situation to him and Paul agreed to treat the cat. Using his energy skills he went back in time to when Spice was just a kitten and erased whatever incident had sparked his rage against dogs. And that was literally the end of the problem!

From that day on Spice still parks himself on the sidewalk and greets all the people but remains still when people with a dog walk by, even when thoughtless people would allow their dogs to come within inches of the cat. It was an unusual example of Paul’s abilities and Spice’s control.”

Hans | Los Angeles, CA

Spice The Cat Part #2
This is the second incident involving Spice:

“Normally he is very active, likes to play and jumps with ease up on top of a property dividing wall which is 48 inches high. However I had noticed that for the past few weeks he was less and less active and for some reason was incapable of even jumping onto his favorite chair which is only 12 inches high.
That alarmed me and I decided to investigate. I began by having a session with my friend Dana, an animal communicator. She asked Spice why he no longer wanted to jump and he replied that he had a great deal of pain in his hips and front leg digits. The pain was just too much for him to jump anymore. He said that it made him feel as if he were moving in slow motion and he hated it. She asked him if he had ever had that before and he replied that he was familiar with it and had experienced it in a former lifetime. She thought it might be arthritis or rheumatism.

I then decided to try Paul to see if he might be able to help. Paul told me that Spice was suffering from lack of marrow in his bones and for that reason his joints were rubbing together and causing great pain. He then asked me for a photograph of my cat and agreed to treat Spice.

The following day (just ONE day) Spice was jumping onto my bed, a jump of 24 inches! I am absolutely delighted and in awe of Paul’s awesome abilities! Whether treating a human or an animal Paul simply has abilities that defy understanding. I cannot recommend him enough. I know that Spice feels the same way!”

Hans | Los Angeles, CA

The Healing of Lexus

“The beautiful Lexus is my pitbull dog that my family rescued a little over ten years ago. She was somewhere between the age of one and two years old when we took her away from a terrible situation. For all these years she has been the most grateful and loving animal any family could ever dream of owning.

Some months ago, she was obviously not feeling well. After four or five days, she seemed to be worsening. On the fifth day, she stopped eating and drinking. Nothing like this had ever happened before, so I took her to the vet where blood work was done and she was sent home, still worsening.

The following day the vet called and told us to brace ourselves for bad news. Lexus was in renal failure and had already lost over 66% of her kidney function and was headed for a complete kidney shut down. I knew this meant she was going to die and none of us were prepared to hear this. We immediately started to cry uncontrollably, while the doctor told us to bring her right in without delay.

We took Lexi to the veterinarian hospital where she stayed for over a week having kidney dialysis. She had no desire to eat the entire time and subsequently lost over thirty pounds. Any of you with a dog knows how much weight thirty pounds is for a dog.

After the week of dialysis she was sent home. The vet told us that we probably had about a week left with her. When she came home she was so weak she could barely walk and we had to carry her on and off the couch and in and out of the house. We continued to cry day and night trying to prepare ourselves for what was quickly coming.

The vet and staff called us every day asking us how she was and trying to help prepare us by explaining how she needed to have quality to her life.

I had learned of Medium Paul and the healing work he had been doing with many people all over the world. Medium Paul is known as a Reiki and Vogel wand energy healer and has a proven track record of success healing both humans and animals. I contacted Medium Paul who lives several states away from us and he told me he would do some healing work on Lexus that evening from his location.

Medium Paul called me the following day and told me he had done the healing work and that healing energy was sent to Lexus and should continue to swirl around her for several more hours. He also asked that we be realistic about the situation because although he had many success stories, the animal must accept the healing in order for it to take hold.

We tried to stay optimistic however, during the next several hours Lexus began to shudder all over. We sat quietly near her thinking the end was here. This went on for about three hours. After this unusual occurrence, Lexus got up on her own and drank water. Surprised we offered her food and much to our delight she ate it for the first time in two weeks.

Today, four months later, Lexus is miraculously, completely healed. She eats three times a day and has put on some healthy pounds. She looks fantastic and as hard as this might be to believe she is stronger and better then she has been in years. She has a softer coat and a spark in her eyes. She goes in and out on her own, runs around like a puppy and plays with her toys again like she once did. The day she grabbed a toy and ran outside with it in her mouth tossing it in the air, we all cried again, only this time they were tears of joy.

The vet staff continues to call every two days. Each time we give them the latest and greatest update they sound stunned, so they asked us to take Lexus back to the vet for blood work. After the blood test results, Doctor Hunt called here himself. My heart once again sank hearing his voice instead of the office staff. “Lexus’s kidneys are healed,” he said with delight. “Her phosphorus levels are completely back to normal and this is the most crucial thing for kidneys.”

He went on to explain that upon occasion kidneys will heal however, it takes over a year for this very slow process to take place. He said it was a miracle. The vet staff continues to call and ask about Lex as does Medium Paul. We have been taking home videos of her and the vet staff always asks us to bring them over, telling us that Dr. Hunt loves to see them, that they just can’t believe it and they are overjoyed. I smile all the way because I know why Lexus is healed, it is because of Medium Paul.

We now have more time to spend with our precious dog and this time we appreciate each and every day we have with her, knowing that sometime the day will come that she leaves us. Only this time we will have had time to prepare.

So how do you thank someone like Medium Paul? How do you thank someone for giving you back the greatest joy in your life? There are no words that can properly express to Medium Paul our gratefulness. Not only did he stop the intense pain and suffering Lexus was experiencing but he gave us more precious and quality time with our girl.

Medium Paul gave the greatest gift, the gift of life.”

Mr. Kitty
I have worked with Medium Paul since around 2013 and he has done many profound energy clearings but the most noteworthy clearing that was easily observed has to be the energy work he did to clear trauma out of my cat. Mr. Kitty is a rescue cat that had a very hard life prior to being sheltered. He was caught in a trap that crushed his paw and in an attempt to escape he tried to bite off that paw. His leg was amputated 1 month after I adopted him, and he was really in shock. Medium Paul cleared the shock and trauma using a Vogel Crystal Wand, did psychic surgery to heal his wound and holographically dropped Mr. Kitty’s younger self into his physical body. The next day I could tell Mr. Kitty was calmer, less stressed and not as jumpy or skittish. He’s been peaceful without night terrors ever since, and his healing was obviously less painful for him because he came out of hiding (after a week) and wanted to play with his favorite birdie toy and eat the next day.”

Mary Lou | Cocoa Beach, FL

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