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72 modalities of Vogel Crystal Energy work addressing all conditions and circumstances. I work in person or remotely using video chat, instant messaging, Zoom, Skype, or by telephone.


"... My granddaughter, Micaela, was seriously ill and unable to breathe on her own..."

“… At the hospital she was intubated and administered oxygen directly into her lungs. The doctors said she had a serious case of pneumonia and was getting worse by the minute. He advised us to pray! At that point I knew that I needed some real help. I contacted
my sister in Brazil and Medium Paul began energy treatments immediately. The next day I went to the hospital. As the elevator doors
opened a doctor emerged with a great smile on his face! Michaela was breathing on her own again. She would make a full recovery soon. I know that Paul is not a common man. I feel that he is a saint or a light worker of some kind because he works miracles. I can never thank him enough!”

Elva | Buenos Aires, Argentina

"... I have known Medium Paul for over 10 years. He ha guided me through a serious, life-threatening illness..."

“… His innate intuition is very high and accurate. But combined with the use of his invocations, he has taught me how to move out of seriously negative and destructive energy territory and completely clear them from working against me and my healing. He knows how to personalize and resolve any situation large or small with use of his energy practices and highly specific invocations. My healing has been maximized in each instance through working with him.”

Dana | Tucson, Arizona

"... My sister Griselda was having severe respiratory problems and was in the ICU..."

“… The doctors advised us to prepare for the worse. Medium Paul did distance energy work and telepathically appealed to Griselda’s motherly instincts by connecting Griselda to her five year-old son. The next morning Griselda came out of the coma. It is now nine years later, and she remains healthy and fine.”

Monica | Buenos Aires, Argentina

"... There was a tornado supercell that came out of Arkansas and into Kentucky..."

“… Watching the live Doppler radar on TV, I could see the storm was getting close, about 30 minutes from my house. Immediately I started to do the Severe Weather Mitigation that Medium Paul recommends. Watching on TV, I could see the tornado start to dissipate in real time. Within 15 minutes the storm was completely weakened. The weatherman said he couldn’t believe it.”

Heather | Louisville, Kentucky

"... Recently I asked Medium Paul to use one of his Vogel Wands to clear a psychic attack..."

“… that was affecting my lungs and my mobility. I could barely walk. Even though I am in Canada and he is in Brazil, he was able to energetically remove the attack without seeing me in person.”

Gene | Toronto, Ontario Province, Canada

"... Paul is a remarkable human being and a very kind and caring healer..."

“… I was very ill when Paul came to my rescue. In no time at all, he has strengthened me and balanced my energy so that I was able to function properly in the world again. Paul is a remarkable human being and a very kind and caring healer. There are few healers I would trust my body to as I have Paul. I highly recommend his healing sessions and the Vogel Crystal wand is a powerful healing tool that has completely rebalanced my whole chakra system. I have been amazed at the short time it has taken for him to heal me.”

Mary | Hollywood Hills, California

"... "We really did a lot of different work, you are a joy to work with.."

“… When I think about all the work we did, from 2015-2017: working with the vogels, the pendulum pod, with the christ chamber, banded iron, kernite, rhodizites, selenites, phenakites, the clearing and various things we did for my father, the last session when you helped him to be able to transition and then he passed immediately, the clearing of attachments in airplanes, my husband, boyfriends and ex-boyfriends…..

We really did a lot of different work, you are a joy to work with, I think i enjoy working with you more than any other light worker because you are so advanced, I prefer working with highly evolved people.”

Tanya | Toronto, Canada

"... They improved their health and now they are in the process of recovering..."

“… I would like to thank Paul Simons for helping in the healing for my brother and his girlfriend. We live in Nicaragua and we are going through the Covid-19. Vírus. My brother got the virus first then his girlfriend, and I contacted Paul, he was very helpful and very attentive. Paul was so very fast to give us an answer. After he worked on them, they improved their health, and now they are in the process of recovering.

Thank you so much again; I didn’t want to use surnames since we live in a country where you can’t say you had Covid 19. Who knows what the government would do, especially for my brother’s girlfriend, since she is a doctor and she would lose her position in the hospital if she disclosed she had the virus. And its very hard to have a job here so I need to be careful with names. Thank you so much and I hope you are safe and taking care.”

Gladis | Nicaragua

"... Recently Medium Paul did some energy work on me remotely (from over 4,000 miles away)..."

“… I am 28 now. For 16 years I have been plagued with anorexia and bulimia. I have been to therapists, in-patient and out-patient programs, taken dozens of different medications. Nothing has worked. About a week after Medium Paul did energy work me, my bulimia was completely gone. More time has passed, and I have not experienced any of the old urges and cravings. My life has truly changed.”

Rose | Phoenix, Arizona

"... After half a century of pain and standing crooked..."

“… I now am able to stand erect without any pain at all.”

Hans | Los Angeles, California

"... Paul is really dedicated to his clients and really wants them to grow and evolve..."

“… I called Medium Paul for the first time 5 years ago to ask about a man in my life. At the time, he told me what I didn’t want to hear, so I never called him back, although time proved he was right.

So, last year, I called him after losing my job and he described very well the type of job I was going to work for and the type of conditions for which I would apply. I took notes from the first call and he mentioned someone who would come into my life and describe him in detail. That person, in fact, came into my life the moment he predicted it.

So I encourage you to be open to hearing what you’re not looking for, because sometimes the nuggets are there. When you work with Paul, you may not see the result you expect. I had personal problems that were fundamental to my problems and without actually working on them specifically at the beginning, the energy work brought light and helped to solve the problems that I ignored that I had to solve.

Paul is really dedicated to his clients and really wants them to grow and evolve, but like anything, you need to work together, you can’t sit back and wait for the results to happen by themselves. Medium Paul’s strong mastery of energetic work (elimination of cellular DNA, ancestral trauma and current life and old programming, etc.) and reading the end result is what you should keep in mind. In the past year, Paul has been very instrumental in helping me to take control of my life and develop my intuition and energetic abilities. Paul is a guide, he provides valuable tools and information and I strongly recommend him.”

JT | Montreal, Canada.

"... A few days ago Medium Paul asked for my assistance in conducting an experiment for him to remotely improve the qualities and taste of Trader Joe’s “Two Buck Chuck..."

“Charles Shaw wine, to reflect the aroma and taste of far superior wines. Medium Paul called from Brazil to my home in the Napa Valley. Two bottles each of Charles Shaw Chardonnay and Cabernet had been purchased at Trader Joe’s the previous day. A bottle of Chardonnay and one of Cabernet was placed to my left as “control” samples. The remaining two bottles were placed on my right, identified as the “Subject” wines. Medium Paul then went through an oral process to remove impurities, defects in taste and quality, and to enhance the subject wines to reflect the aroma and profile of superior wines. I have a degree in Viticulture and Oenology, extensive experience managing wineries, and have lived
in wine country the majority of my life. By the time Medium Paul was finished, I was speechless to confirm that he had transformed completely the subject wines, resulting in unique and pleasurable flavor profiles. I have never seen such a thing since.

Jeffrey | Napa, California

"... Each and every time I have reached out to Medium Paul, he has done energy work, a clearing, and a relationship reset..."

“… I am not certain how it works, but it does. The guidance he has given me has helped me make decisions that I might not otherwise have made.
Paul’s specificity and wisdom are profound.”

Nora | Albany, New York

"... I have been working with Paul now for many months, and during that time he has managed to correct several issues that I had..."
“However, the last session was one of the best yet! In one session he zero pointed a negative energy that I had carried for decades, one which had made me tired and taken much of the fun out of my life.

In the space of one session, I was relieved of that burden and awoke the next day feeling totally refreshed and filled with energy. It was a really remarkable transformation!

I have worked with two other psychics, both of whom have been excellent in their work, but this is the first time that I work with someone who has actually changed my physical well-being.

I am most grateful to Paul, and highly recommend him to anyone who is feeling less than optimum. Paul is the real thing and has energy beings working with him who truly make a difference. I cannot say enough in praise of Paul’s work!”

Oscar | Beverly Hills, California

"... Paul’s energy work on Jacinta was miraculous..."

“… After 24 hours of our session, Jacinta sent me a picture of herself crying with joy and happiness expressing how grateful she was for the life she has and how proud she was of herself. She said that she was not anxious anymore and felt that her fear and sadness were gone. It was absolutely amazing!”

Concha | Mexico City, Mexico

"... I've worked with Paul for over 10 years..."
“His skills are amazing and his mediumship always spot on. As a Healer and Sensitive I’ve come across many people who claim to work in the metaphysical, but few that are truly connected. Paul is not only the real deal, but the only soul I will reach out to when I need help.

Thank you Paul for helping me in this life’s journey.”

Lauralea | Phoenix, AZ

"... I have worked with Medium Paul since around 2013..."

“… and he has done many profound energy clearings but the most noteworthy clearing that was easily observed has to be the energy work he did to clear trauma out of my cat. Mr. Kitty is a rescue cat that had a very hard life prior to being sheltered. He was caught in a trap that crushed his paw and in an attempt to escape he tried to bite off that paw. His leg was amputated 1 month after I adopted him, and he was really in shock. Medium Paul cleared the shock and trauma using a Vogel Crystal Wand, did psychic surgery to heal his wound and holographically dropped Mr. Kitty’s younger self into his physical body. The next day I could tell Mr. Kitty was calmer, less stressed and not as jumpy or skittish. He’s been peaceful without night terrors ever since, and his healing was obviously less painful for him because he came out of hiding (after a week) and wanted to play with his favorite birdie toy and eat the next day.”

Mary Lou | Cocoa Beach, FL

"... In 2016 I had lung cancer and an aortic aneurism. A CT scan showed a high level of arterial plaque..."

“… My surgeon was very concerned about the risk of a stroke or heart attack. For two months before my scheduled surgery, I worked with Medium Paul. Besides helping me spiritually, he focused on the arterial plaque. When my surgeon opened my heart, he was surprised to find an absence of arterial plaque. It’s eight years later and I’m still alive and well.”

Gaudêncio | Brasilia, Brazil

"... I am a psychic reader and life coach. I was about to have my third thyroid surgery..."

“… The gland had grown as big as a grapefruit and was endangering my airway. If I had surgery, there was a chance I would lose my voice completely. Doctors said it was risky but had to be done. I spoke to Medium Paul. He said he would clear the negative energy in the operating room, my body, the surgeon, the hospital, and any and all other aspects of the case. After five hours of surgery, I emerged and was immediately able to speak. I am still improving day by day. I am sure Medium Paul’s work made a strong and positive difference in the outcome”

Deborah | Charleston, West Virginia

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