Case Study: Attachment Clearings

Jan 21, 2022 | Vogel Crystal Wand Energy Work

It’s important to understand why we pick up and accumulate attachments, so let me explain, everybody, interacts dynamically with other people. We project and receive cords, attachments, and hooks from the people we are interacting with. Over time this accumulates, and we are “wired and corded” to all the people, this distorts our soul blueprint, in both positive and negative ways, altering your true nature and the frequency you vibrate at mediumship abilities, and many other variables. Sometimes people say they are “under stress” or overwhelmed with their life and daily responsibilities, often what’s really going on is they have too many cords pulling them in multiple directions, when we clear Attachments, we are removing all these connections to other people and spirits. After being cleared you return to your essence, your true nature.

I use very specific invocations which involve a Vogel wand for both projecting and clearing to remove attachments, if you are interested in my work and would like to book a session to clear attachments, please go to the scheduling and book page on my website at this link to prepay and schedule your session.

When a person is cleared of cords, attachments, implants, hooks, entities, and thought forms, we are bringing the client back to their original nature. This is who they are, and in the vibration and frequency, they are incarnated in and are supposed to be living in. this clearing immediately lifts tension and stress out of the client, and they usually feel lighter and the muscular-skeletal and nervous systems are more aligned. Often if you stretch, shrug your shoulders, you will notice that your muscles and bones are a lot looser and more relaxed, clear of tension.

I equate clearing Attachments with the daily function of bathing or taking a shower, we need to wash and clean our physical body regularly, and so it is with our energetic body, it needs to be cleaned and cleared regularly.

Another aspect of attachment clearings that applies to some people, but not everybody is if you take strong prescription medication, pain killers, opiates, or drink a lot of alcoholic beverages you accumulate attachments to the medication, drugs, or alcohol, this can affect a person’s clarity of mind, decision making processes and even in extreme cases turn into a form of possession, The attachment clearing eliminates these attachments. However, if you clear a person of attachments who is a recreational drug user, heavy drinker, or who takes strong prescription medication, pain killers, or opiates and they reintroduce the drugs or alcohol the attachments can return.

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