Case Study: Antique & 2nd Hand Jewelry Clearings

May 11, 2022 | Vogel Crystal Wand Energy Work

It is not commonly understood or generally known by the average person that there are recorded memories in antiques, 2nd hand jewelry, and “hand-me-downs” (used items), and they should be energetically cleared off the people who owned and used the item, or the energy of the original owner(s) will come through. While antique jewelry is sentimental and often very beautiful, it needs to be cleared to avoid taking on problems or issues from the original owner(s).

There is memory and energy stored in EVERY antique and 2nd hand jewelry item. Antiques carry with them memories of everything that happened to the item since it was made. Most likely the attached memory is neutral, but often there are events where traumatic emotional charges were imprinted in the antique or jewelry.

When 2nd hand or family heirloom jewelry are passed down to descendants, the energy of the people who wore the jewelry is stored in the metal, stones, pearls and settings. Every person has distinct unique energy. For example, a diamond wedding ring that was worn for 45 years would carry a lot of emotional and energetic charges. When a new owner of the ring wears it, they are receiving the energetic charge of everything that happened to the original owner of the ring. Wedding rings are very striking and the ring probably is very beautiful too. I strongly recommend clearing the energy stored in the ring before another person wears it because it may have a lot of difficult energy the new owner wouldn’t want to feel or experience.

It is very easy to energetically clear antiques and 2nd hand jewelry using Vogel Crystal Wands. The clearing will permanently remove the emotional charges and bring the item to a collapsed and zero-point neutral state, so that it can bond with a new owner, completely clear of the old emotional charges.

There is no reason to not have heirloom jewelry “hand-me-downs” or antiques, as they often have significant sentimental meaning. Also, many antiques are no longer made or manufactured using the same techniques as in the past.

In 2008 I was given an 1845 antique solid wood, fold down secretary desk with 3 wooden drawers (below the desk level). This desk was beautiful. I brought it into my house and immediately felt a strange serpent energy in the lower part of the desk. Upon meditating and tuning into this energy, I discovered the original owner was an Arizona farmer and this desk was in his farmhouse. One day he heard his wife screaming and ran into the farmhouse. She told him she had been bitten by a snake hiding in the bottom drawer. The farmer grabbed a shovel and killed the snake. The spirit of the snake was still earthbound and stayed connected with the desk, even 160 years later. I did an energy clearing of the desk and crossed the snake into the light. Afterwards, the desk was in a collapsed, and zero-point neutral state, and I was comfortable using this wonderful antique desk for many years. The earthbound snake definitely would have been a problem, and this is an example of issues you can assume you will encounter when you buy an antique. There is a full memory of the history of all antiques. Do not let your knowing that antiques have energetic memory discourage you from buying them. Just be sure to energetically clear it with a Vogel crystal wand.

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