Case Study: Earthbound Spirit Clearings

Apr 11, 2022 | Vogel Crystal Wand Energy Work

I have worked on helping earthbound spirits cross into the light.  Accidents, sudden “Unnatural” deaths, murders, and suicides can result in the spirit being earthbound and unable to cross into the light by themselves.
The ego many times does not allow the spirit to transcend because of unfinished business, emotions, or trauma.   When a spirit is earthbound the ego is present as if they were still alive.. so their mode of thinking is the same…
I have found it helpful to ask ancestors and pets who have crossed over to come back to assist the earthbound spirit to cross.  Often the earthbound spirit is confused and basically lost.  When they see family members whom they knew, as well as beloved long-dead pets, come to them, they are happy to go with the family members or pets into the light.   It is instantaneous and joyous when the family and pets come and assist the earthbound spirit to cross.
In accidental deaths, often the earthbound spirit feels responsible to stay for various reasons.  Sometimes a parent who is an earthbound spirit wants to see their children grow up, sometimes it is a spouse who is earthbound and wants to stay around to protect the spouse who is still incarnated.  In these cases, the family members and pets are very, very helpful in making it easier to move on and go into the light.
In suicides, the shock of sudden death often results in deep regret, anguish, guilt, and strong emotions, holding the earthbound spirit and keeping it stuck.  They can literally be earthbound indefinitely, it is always better for the earthbound spirit to cross so they prepare for their next incarnation.
With murder victims, there is often shock, anger, turmoil, and a desire to seek revenge or “justice” for what happened to them.  In one case I worked on a woman who was murdered and left on the side of the Interstate in 2005.
When I worked on this case in 2017, I asked the earthbound spirit of the woman  “Why are you staying there, on the side of the interstate”? She said, “…she was waiting for the 3 men who murdered her to return.”  I asked her “How long have you been waiting for them?”  she said, “Not that long”.  I told her that it had been 12 years since her murder and that the 3 men were probably not coming back. She said she had no idea it had been 12 years (There is no time after one crosses). I told her “Yes, it’s been 12 years, and it would be better for you to cross”  She did, but she needed to be helped.
I feel more often than not that earthbound spirits need help to cross. They are not here to cause problems for the living, they are here because they had a sudden or traumatic death and didn’t get the help they needed to cross into the light.
We can help these earthbound spirits and there is no better tool to do this than Vogel Crystal Wands.  Often this type of work is pro bono (free) and while there is no financial compensation we will know we helped a forgotten soul.  To me, that’s more than enough compensation.
Medium Paul Simons holding a Vogel Crystal

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